These following guidelines apply to residential and multi-tenant dwellings within Kensington Greens.
Kensington Greens has been designed to be a distinctive community with pleasing streetscapes and quality home construction.

Exterior finishes

Front elevations shall be finished with brick, stonework, stucco, siding or combinations as approved by the Developer. If a house is all stucco or siding then appropriate trim boards, moldings , detailing, etc. are to be used as approved by the Developer.


All colour schemes are to be approved on a home-to-home basis.

Garages and Driveways

All homes with street access must have an attached garage. All homes with rear alleys have rear garage access from the alley, and the garage does not have to be included as part of the initial home construction. Garages are also permitted with street access on alley lots in Block 14. Driveway locations are pre-specified for all lots as shown on the approved grade plan. Front driveways are not permitted on lots with rear alley access.


Regular Lots:

Front Yard: 6.0 m

Sideyard: 1.2 m minimum, total of both sides 2.4 m

Rear Yard: 5.0 m

Rear Alley Lots:

Front Yard: 6.0 m

Sideyard: 1.2 m minimum, total of both sides 2.4 m

Rear Yard: 5.0 m

Alley Garage: 1.5 m setback

Kensington Greens, Phase 2—Stage 1 is zoned R1 (Single-family). City of Regina zoning regulations, local easements and encumbrances shall be respected. Lots 8-27 Block 5 are zoned R2 (Semi-detached).


All house plans shall be approved by the developer–c/o Karina Developments Ltd., 2235 6th Avenue, Regina, SK.
The Developer may at its sole and absolute discretion, waive or change in whole or in part any requirement respecting the architectural guidelines. Although the intent of the architectural guidelines shall not be altered, design cirteria, exterior finishes and colours outlined shall be reviewed from time to time and changes may be implemented by the Developer without notification. The Developer has the sole right to approve or not approve any plan proposed for Kensington Greens.